Chlamydia is a prevalent sexually-transmitted disease that can strike both males and females. It is often dubbed as a silent disease due to its ability to not trigger any sign or symptom early on. As a result of that, a lot of Chlamydia cases in the world remain undiagnosed and untreated.

Every male on the planet is in danger of contracting Chlamydia if he does not know how to steer clear of it and how to prevent it. Awareness about this STD is a must so as to recognize if it has already infected you.

Here are the most common Chlamydia symptoms in males:

Unusual discharge from the penis

This can mean something that is yellowish, brownish or something very foul in odor.

Burning pain when urinating

This is a common STD sign and it may also indicate other types of STD infections. If you experience this, it is best to get tested right away.

Itchiness around the penis tip

This is the result of infection and needs to be addressed right away before it becomes serious.

Rectal itching and pain

This happens to those who engaged in anal sex. Go to a doctor immediately for treatment.

Test for Chlamydia once these symptoms manifest. Use STD Rapid Test Kits' rapid Chlamydia screen test kits for fast, accurate, safe, and efficient Chlamydia testing.