Caused by the Hepatitis C virus, Hepatitis C is probably one of the most common Hepatitis diseases today. While it can be transmitted through unprotected sexual contact, it is more commonly passed on through other methods --- such as blood transfusion, injecting of drugs, and so on.

The symptoms of Hepatitis C

Being familiar with the signs of Hepatitis C will help anyone in many ways. These symptoms may serve as the indicators that it is time to get tested so as treatment can be administered right away.

Here are 7 of the most common Hepatitis C symptoms:

- Fever - this might kick in after some days or weeks since initial exposure to the virus.

- Sore muscles - people who get infected with HCV may suddenly experience sore muscles even though they did not do anything physically exerting.

- Appetite loss - this is common to many STDs, so it is best to get tested to get a proper diagnosis.

- Dark urine - this is typical of the Hepatitis diseases.

- Stomach pain - since the liver gets attacked by the HCV, stomach or abdominal pains may ensue after some time.