Syphilis is brought by an organism that makes its way into our human body via open injuries or exchange of fluids at the time of sexual intercourse. It is reported to be the third most widespread sexually-transmitted disease, spreading to both sexes of every age group. 

Why you should avoid getting Syphilis

There are numerous threats associated with having syphilis. As it spreads without difficulty and can trigger serious hurt and trouble on our bodies, we ought to be prepared to test syphilis in our systems the minute we see one of its indicators. 

Symptoms of Syphilis

The very first manifestation of syphilis is a sore referred to as chancre, which grows on the genital spots, the rectum, and the mouth. It does not generate whatever pain, and people are inclined to dismiss it because of this fact. It will go on for approximately three weeks. 

A specific thing to bear in mind about chancre is that even if it has gone, this does not instantly suggest that syphilis has also gone. The infection remains there and it only waits to advance to the next stage if suitable treatment is not utilized. 

Furthermore, a syphilis-affected person will have consistent pains in the muscles and joints, excessive hair loss and appetite loss, and inflammation of the glands. The bacteria will then start off damaging the essential organs which include the kidneys, liver, heart, and brain. It will also set out to result in harm in the eyes, setting up the hazard for blindness. 

Why you should test for Syphilis early

Test syphilis before it is too late for you. There are numerous procedures that have been released to discover this STD, and there absolutely is one at the closest clinic where you live. Getting tested will help reduce the possibility of the progression of severe problems through the use of prompt medication. 

A patient must go see a doctor and speak about his or her selections. Syphilis tests will require a blood sample so that the laboratory can take a look at it and examine the patient’s problem. When the medical professionals have put together a diagnosis, there is a suitable treatment method that will be introduced to you. You might have to routinely take penicillin and other antibiotics to get rid of the infection. People who are in the later stages of syphilis might have to perform more tests and be forced into higher quantities of medication treatment. 

Prevention of Syphilis

Patients are encouraged to not take part in any type of sexual activity, oral, anal, or vaginal since they are carriers of this severe infection. They need to realize and practice abstinence in order that other folks will not be victimized. 

Consciousness about syphilis needs to be pushed forward so that men and women will recognize how terrible it is to be affected by it. One should do his or her best to follow safe sex by constantly wearing protection and not have various sex partners. It also helps to get tested frequently so that you and your partners can uncover the existence of syphilis before it gets to be something even worse.