Gonorrhea is a common sexually transmitted disease in many parts of the world. In the United States, it ranks number two as the most reported infection in the nation. But, health officials believe that there are a lot more gonorrhea cases around the remain undiagnosed and unreported since a lot of people do not have the appropriate information with regards with how to deal with this disease.


Many of the common gonorrhea symptoms are mild, and in most cases, they are often mistaken to be signs of a bladder infection. Here are what to expect if you have contracted gonorrhea:

- abdominal pains

- heavier menstrual flows (women)

- spotting between menstrual periods (women)

- burning pain when urinating

- bloody or yellowish discharge from the vagina (women)

These usually manifest after about ten days since first exposure to the bacteria. It is advised to get tested for gonorrhea as soon as you notice them so as to receive the proper antibacterial treatment.

Severe complications

If you are not diagnosed and treated immediately, you may suffer from the following severe complications:

- infections that may strike joints and heart tissues

- chronic pelvic pains

- infertility

- ectopic pregnancy

- greater risk for HIV

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