Men and women are encouraged to get HIV tested, most especially if they are sexually-active or engage in unprotected sex. 
There are different testing methods available today, and everyone is encouraged to undergo HIV testing to ensure that their health is not in jeopardy.

Buying test kits online

With the age of the internet, various brands and manufacturers have come up with rapid HIV test kits and sell them online.

Even though many people say that HIV test kits bought online are good alternatives to the more expensive, conventional methods, there are still some that doubt their efficiency and accuracy. 

Finding an authentic seller

To make sure that you are getting your money's worth when purchasing rapid HIV test kits, you have to find the brands that have been certified and tested by important health and medical organizations and laboratories.

Once you find an online medical shop that sells authentic and reliable rapid HIV test kits, get ready to pay using your credit card. You will be asked to provide your shipping address so that they can send you your rapid HIV test kit.

How to use the test kit

Once you receive your rapid HIV test kit, read the instructions on the manual carefully. The procedures and steps should be strictly followed so that a reliable result can be generated. There are rapid HIV test kits that return three types of results: positive, negative, or failed, with failed meaning there was some error that occurred when the test was performed. So, you will need to do start all over again.

If you get a positive test result, go see a medical professional immediately to get you tested again for confirmation. You will be advised to undergo antiretroviral treatment right away to stop the spread of the virus in your body.