Sexually-transmitted diseases are among the most prevalent health concerns nowadays. They can be easily transmitted through sexual contact, whether orally, vaginally, or anally. So, to avoid all of them, you have to observe the proper precautions and obey and practice the reminders of health workers.

Protection from STDs

  1. Abstinence is the one sure way to prevent yourself from getting infected with an STD. So, if you are really that scared and terrified of STDs, do not have sex.
  2. Use protection. Latex condoms are recommended to prevent STD bacteria and viruses from easily getting into your body when having sex.
  3. Avoid having multiple sex partners. If you can, stick to only one. The more sex partners you have, the higher the chances of you contracting an STD.
  4. Be careful when selecting a sex partner. Do not have sex with someone who you think has an STD or seems to be quite reckless when it comes to sex. This can be very hard to determine, so also observe the other tips.
  5. Get tested for STDs. Visit a doctor on a regular basis to have an STD testing, especially if you have an active sex life. What is better than this is to undergo STD testing with your sex partner so that the both of you can know if you have STDs and this can also serve as a bonding moment for the two of you.

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