Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection which is one of the most prevalent these days. It bears a number of different signs or symptoms for both males and females. Despite the fact that it could sound severe and horrifying, there are methods to avoid it and cease from spreading.
Just in case you might have Chlamydia, you need to go through Chlamydia testing to know whether or not you really have it. There are plenty of approaches to perform the test.

For Males
There are a couple of key methods to perform a Chlamydia test on guys. The 1st one is by way of a urine test. In this particular approach, the guy needs to deliver a fresh urine sample which will go through the testing. The 2nd one is known as a swab testing which the medical doctor takes swab samples from the guy patient’s urethra or even penis tip making use of a cotton bud. The two approaches are broadly practiced. The urine test is the more widely used one since it is simpler to perform even more convenient. It could provide the result within an hour or so. In spite of this, the swab test generates an even more reliable result.

For Females
There are 2 key methods to perform a Chlamydia test on females. The 1st one is carried out using urine too. The woman patient is going to be requested to deliver a fresh urine sample for testing. The 2nd one is a swab test. The medical doctor is going to take swab samples of the woman patient’s vagina. Similar to the men method, the urine test for females also provides the results back more quickly. However, the swab test might take as much as a week or so before you will know whether or not you’re positive or negative with Chlamydia. 

Treatment method 
In the event that people are tested negative, individuals are still urged to abstain from performing any kind of sexual activity for a particular time period. They will be prescribed with various antibiotics to deal with the infection. One of the popular typical prescription medications is the azithromycin, which may be consumed a couple of times per day.
In the event that people are tested positive, patients are going to still have to take anti-biotic. They are going to also go through more than a few more tests and treatments. The supplementary examinations are going to be carried out to confirm the initial test result in order to understand how severe their circumstances are. They are going to be encouraged to have some medical treatments that will rush the elimination of the infection. Chlamydia propagates very fast so they really are told to not have sexual activity until the disorder is entirely gone.
Chlamydia testing is implemented by STD treatment centers, hospitals, as well as other medical centers. In the event you think you have it, check out the closest one in your town before the illness spreads all throughout your body and brings about a lot more harm.