The human immunodeficiency virus or HIV is a lentivirus which is responsible for causing HIV infection and then that leads towards Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). HIV transmits a disease to vital cells in the human immune system like macrophages, dendritic cells, and helper T cells. HIV is present in both forms as a free particle and as a virus surrounded by infected immune cells. There are a variety of ways by which you can get infected with HIV virus and most of them can easily be controlled.

 Prevention of HIV Infection

Ways By which person can get HIV:

  • Contact with infected vaginal fluids
  • Contact with infected blood
  • Using infected needles
  • Contact with infected rectal fluids
  • Contact with infected breast milk
  • Contact with infected semen

How to reduce the risk of getting HIV? There are a large number of people who are at the risk of getting infected with AIDS or HIV especially those who have an active sex life they normally use some injections for different reasons. 

Steps to reduce the risk of getting HIV infection: Following steps should be taken if a person wants to reduce the risk of having HIV infection.

  • Have less risky sex
  • Use condoms all the times especially when you have to deal with multiple partners
  • You should constantly get tested so that you will be well aware of your situation and if you have a partner ask him as well to endure testing. 
  • You should choose your partner very carefully if you have an active sex life. 
  • Diminish the possibility of sexual contingency and just focus on fewer partners.
  • If you know that you have some kind of Sexually Transmitted Disease then you should get its treatment instantly
  • If you are using the injections then you should make definite that you are using sterile and clean needles all the time.

What is the Working of HIV? The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) works by gradually attacking and killing the CD4 cells in our body. CD4 cells are the type of white blood cells that are very important as it plays an important role in protecting a body from infections. If our CD4 become weak or low then our body turns into a vulnerable condition to every category of diseases and infections. HIV not only kills CD4 but also copies it and then spread all through the body. This process which comprises of 7 stages or steps is known as HIV life cycle. There are a variety of medicines available that is used to protect the immune system by averting HIV at different stages of HIV life cycle.

Treatment of HIV: The only treatment that is known as the HIV infection is through antiretroviral therapy or ART. In this therapy, a combination of multiple HIV drug is in use each day from a special group of HIV medicine. The reason behind this is that as the HIV lifecycle has many stages and for each one stage, we need a type of antiretroviral drug. With the help of ART, the HIV virus can be controlled to increase. It also averts the virus from becoming defiant to your HIV drug. ART is not a proper cure for HIV but it helps the patients to live a longer and healthier life and also reduces the threat of passing on HIV to others.