Knowing how to protect yourself against Hepatitis is important. The different Hepatitis types can bring about a lot of signs and symptoms that can cause serious harm to your body. And, if not detected and treated right away, they can lead to severe complications to the liver and other important body organs.

So, here are some tips on how you can steer clear of the Hepatitis infections:

1. If you are traveling to a country where the Hepatitis rates are high, you are advised to get vaccinated for Hepatitis before you leave.

2. Avoid being in a spot where Hepatitis B infected blood or bodily fluids are everywhere.

3. If you work in the medical field, use the appropriate gear before handling bloodwork and other fluids.

4. Use condoms when having sex.

5. Do not share personal items such as razors, nail files, scissors, and toothbrushes with other people as these things may be contaminated with the virus.

6. Test for Hepatitis regularly or routinely. The moment you believe that you may have been exposed to the virus, get a Hepatitis test right away and not delay any longer.

You can use a rapid Hepatitis test kit by STD Rapid Test Kits to test for Hepatitis in an accurate, safe, and convenient manner.