STDs, or sexually-transmitted diseases, have afflicted huge numbers of people all over the world. They can infect you no matter how old you are, how tall you are, etc. They never pick out their victims. They could simply sneak up on you and trigger several damage and problems.

Why you should test for STDs early
If you want to know whether or not you have STDs, you have to know just what exactly their commonest symptoms are. A number of these STDs usually do not even manifest noticeable symptoms when they have afflicted an individual, and in many cases, it is practically far too late to get treated when people recognize that they have been suffering from an STD. This really is the moment the significance of getting tested for STDs becomes a factor. We must not wait around for the signs or symptoms to pop up before we go out of our way and undergo an STD test. 

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B affected individuals will be aware that they have the health problem after approximately one month of contaminating it.

Chlamydia is among those sexually transmitted diseases that do not manifest any kind of visible symptoms as soon as it infects an individual. It only begins demonstrating symptoms and signs after approximately 7 days or 3 weeks from the initial exposure.
Genital warts begin showing up after roughly 3 months from an individual first acquires it.

Genital Herpes

Genital herpes normally does not display any signs or symptoms when an individual gets it. The initial symptoms begin displaying after 2 to 3 weeks.

HIV Patients

HIV patients are not going to be aware that they have the viral strain until after getting an STD test or once the signs or symptoms begin to show, which generally occurs after a couple of months.


Gonorrhea signs or symptoms typically occur between a couple and thirty days after becoming exposed to the infection. 

Syphilis symptoms manifest after around a couple weeks upon being infected with it. The very first symptom of syphilis is a sore often known as chancre which will also show up as late as 3 months after the initial exposure. 

Given that there really is not a single, precise time frame as to when the signs and symptoms of STDs show, it is extremely prevalent for anyone to not get tested for STDs.Because of this, there is a huge number of undiagnosed STD cases in the world at this moment. As a result of it, individuals become ill and develop additional complications that are already halfway to later phases of the infection simply because they did not get an STD test. 

We must always make an effort to prevent from being infected with STDs and encourage the ones that are at risk to get themselves tested for sexually transmitted diseases for them to get the most effective treatment before it is too late.