Today I am going to discuss women who have an STD and the chance that they may also suffer from Pelvic Inflammatory Disease as well. 


As we have already learned STD stands for Sexually Transmitted Disease, they are all transmitted through having unprotected sex and being exposed to the type of bacterium which causes each one. Chlamydia, Syphilis, and Gonorrhoea are STDs which develop from a bacterium, whilst Hepatitis C, AIDs and HIV are an STD caused by a virus infection. Once you have any kind of STD you will begin to see and feel symptoms such as PID, infertility, headaches, fever, sores and swollen lymph nodes.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

PID is short for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, this is an added complication that all women could develop if they have an STD which they did not get treatment for. It is one of the worst of the complications that are caused by an STD, it is thought that in the United States there could be over one million women who will suffer from PID.  You can see from the high numbers of sufferers that there are many women out there that first of all probably have no idea that they have some kind of STD in the first place and will also be ignorant to the fact that by leaving their sexual health untreated they will unknowingly develop PID as a consequence of this. 

The Symptoms of PID

If you are already a PID sufferer you will be well aware of the uncomfortable symptoms of PID these are,

  • An odd vaginal discharge.
  • Spotting.
  • Pain during sexual relations.
  • Vomiting.
  • Lower back and abdominal pains.

Education regarding the dangers of STDs

To tackle this knowledge, we first need to educate all those that are having full penetrable sex this would include both anal, vaginal and oral sex as you can catch an STD through all of these methods. I personally feel that just as young teens are coming up to the consent age of being able to have sexual intercourse they should be educated on the risks of STDs, and made aware of my famous saying of, “Protected sex is the best sex to be safe and use a condom”. They should learn at this age that going to a sexual health clinic around once every month or so is a good thing to do as they can be educated and learn to keep themselves healthy sexual wise.

There are now condoms for both males and females, although at this time the female ones are fairly expensed to purchase. But it does not stop both males or females being proactive and carrying around a stock of condoms on their person. I have sons and I did use to go out and purchase condoms for them to get them used to the practice of using them, if I had daughters I would still do this even if they were using another method of birth control as we need the condom so it can prevent a barrier between skin to avoid spreading any infection.