There are several dangers associated with having syphilis. Since it spreads quite easily and can result in critical harm and injury to our bodies, we must be capable to test syphilis in our systems after we see any one of its warning signs. 

A Quick Look At Syphilis

Syphilis is the result of an organism that comes into our human body by means of open injuries or exchange of fluids at the time of sexual intercourse. It is apparently the third most widespread sexually-transmitted disease, which affects both sexes of every age group.

Some Typical Syphilis Symptoms

The very first symptom of syphilis is a sore named chancre, which grows on the genital spots, the rectum, and the mouth. It does not create any specific pain, and people are likely to disregard it because of this fact. It will endure for around three weeks.

One thing to keep in mind about chancre is that despite the fact that it has gone, this does not instantly mean that syphilis has also gone. The ailment is still there and it merely waits to develop to the next stage if proper treatment is not employed. 

Syphilis affected person will encounter regular pains in the muscles and joints, hair thinning and appetite, and inflammation of the glands. The bacteria will then begin striking at the vital organs which include the kidneys, liver, heart, and brain. It will also start to bring about damage in the eyes, developing the risk for blindness. 

Testing For Syphilis

Test syphilis before it really is too late. There are several techniques that have been presented to pick up this STD, and there certainly is one at the local medical center in your community. Getting tested can help decrease the potential for the progression of serious complications via the application of fast treatment plan. 

A patient must go see a doctor and speak about his or her options. Syphilis tests will be needing a blood sample so as the laboratory can investigate it and examine the patient’s condition. Right after the medical experts have put together a diagnosis, there is an ideal treatment solution that will be provided to you. You might have to consistently take penicillin and other antibiotics to fend off the infection. People who are in the later stages of syphilis would have to undertake more tests and be given increased amounts of medication treatment.

Syphilis Prevention

Affected individuals really should not get involved in any type of sexual activity, oral, anal, or vaginal, as they are carriers of this serious ailment. They need to learn and apply abstinence so that others will not be contaminated.