Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease that is among the most widespread in these times. It has several different signs and symptoms for both men and women .Even tough it could seem critical and terrible, there are ways to steer clear of it and prevent it from spreading.

In the event that you may have Chlamydia, you must undergo Chlamydia testing to make out whether or not you truly have it. There are several techniques to carry out the test.

For Men

There are a few major techniques to do a Chlamydia test on males. The first one is in terms of a urine test. In this method, the man has to provide a brand new urine sample that will undergo the tests. The second one is identified as a swab testing which the medical professional takes swab samples from the male patient’s urethra or perhaps penis tip with the use of a cotton bud. The two techniques are extensively used. The urine test is the more popular one as it is less complicated to execute and is more convenient. It can supply the result within one hour. But the truth is that the swab test makes a rather more reliable result.

For Women

There are a couple of fundamental strategies to carry out a Chlamydia test on women. The first one is performed with the use of urine as well. The female patient will be asked to produce a brand new urine sample for testing. The second one is a swab test. The medical professional will take swab samples of the female patient’s vagina.Much the same as the males’ option, the urine test for females also offers the results back faster. Having said that, the swab test may require around one week or so before you will know whether or not you’re positive or negative with Chlamydia.

Treatment methods

Whenever people are tested negative, they still advised abstaining from doing any type of sexual activity for a certain time frame. They will be prescribed by doctors with different antibiotics to manage the infection. Probably the most standard prescription medications are the azithromycin, which can drink maybe once or twice every day.

In case people are screened positive, patients will certainly still have to take anti-biotic. They will also undergo many more lab tests and treatments. The additional exams will be done to verify the initial test result in order to recognize how serious their conditions are. They will be urged to have some medical treatments that will hasten the removal of the infection. Chlamydia propagates rapidly so they certainly are advised to not have sexual activity until the disease is completely eliminated.

Chlamydia testing is carried out by STD treatment centers, clinics, as well as other medical centers. Anytime you think you have it, pay a visit to the closest one in your village before the disease spreads all over your body and leads to so much more damage.