The rise in infection rates

The Centers For Disease Control has reported that the number of people infected with the sexually-transmitted diseases syphilis and gonorrhea has increased among young people and gay men over the past few years.

Between the years 2011 and 2012, the number of syphilis documented cases increased by 11.1%, and the rise was observed among gay men, who made up approximately 75% of all the syphilis cases during that period.

In the case of gonorrhea, a rise of 4.1% was recorded among young males and females who are between 15 years old and 24 years old.

Furthermore, authorities believe that there are a lot more syphilis and gonorrhea cases out there that are left unreported, undocumented, and undiagnosed. As a result of this, about 24,000 females who fail to get treatment for their STDs ends up being infertile every year.

Testing for STDs

Testing for STDs has become one of the most important programs the health organizations have put forward since they undergoing an STD test at the earliest opportunity can really make a huge difference in a person's health.

If you have an active sex life, make sure that you undergo a syphilis test, gonorrhea test, or any other STD test to keep yourself updated on what is going on with your body. Also, convince your partner to get tested for you to make your relationship as safe as possible for the both of you.

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