Grammy-winning musician and producer Ryan Lewis revealed recently that his mother, Julie, has been tested positive for HIV.

The 26-year-old one-half of the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis hip-hop duo announced the news on Twitter, after mentioning the 30/30 project, which he put up with his mother and Macklemore to help people who are in need of affordable and accessible healthcare around the world.

This was part of the tweet, accompanied with a site URL to his fundraising project page: "A huge part of what's made me who I am is something I haven't talked about in interviews, until now."

How Ryan's mother got infected

If you go to the website, the organization has posted a more detailed message on his mother's HIV. It says there that his mother contracted HIV after undergoing blood transfusion in 1984 when his older sister was delivered. The blood used was HIV-positive, unfortunately. After that, his mother has undergone treatment to control the spread of the virus and help his mother live a normal and happy life for thirty years now.

The 30/30 project also aims to build a number of health centers in Africa to help the many HIV victims there.

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