HIV is short for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It is among the most prevalent sexually-transmitted diseases nowadays, impacting many millions of people around the planet. 

Ways HIV Is Transmitted

The most familiar method to transmit HV is simply by having sex with an infected individual. As soon as the vaginal fluid or semen of an HIV-positive person goes into the system of another person, the latter becomes infected with the infection too. For this reason it is advisable to constantly practice protected sex through the use of condoms. Furthermore, having multiple sex partners places someone at greater risk of being infected with HIV as this individual may not possess the ability to be familiar with the sexual adventures of his or her other sex partners.

Additionally it is highly recommended to be cautious when you use hypodermics and syringes. You should not share used needles and syringes or make use of used needles and syringes. Those supplies might have been utilized by an HIV-positive individual so if you likewise use those, you are going to contract the infection and be infected.

It is imperative that you really only do blood transfusions in reputable and legitimate hospitals and clinics. HIV-infected blood could have sneaked in and it might discover its way into your system without you realizing it.

Expectant mothers that are infected with HIV could transmit the virus to her unborn or infant upon child birth or by means of breast feeding. They must go through treatment while they are still pregnant as a way to lower the likelihood of passing the virus on to their baby.

Treatments Available For HIV

Prescription drugs are generally used to deal with HIV. They, though, produce a number of side effects that are unwanted like queasiness, throwing up, severe headaches, and a lot more.

The Antiretroviral drugs can occasionally result in complications that have an effect on the metabolic process. They can also result in bone loss. Due to these, patients are made conscious of these uncomfortable side effects before they begin with the treatment method. Medical doctors are also focused at monitoring the patient’s progress, most especially when this individual is reacting in a negative way to the prescription drugs.

Acquiring HIV is a major battle and concern that any one can face. It is a bad stage of a person’s life. It has an effect on a person’s human body, not to mention his or her psychological and emotional situations. HIV patients are typically frightened and anxious due to the fact that their lives are in jeopardy. It is essential for them to have family and friends to depend on through this struggling time.

There are HIV assistance groups and counseling accessible for any HIV patient who would like to manage the distress of having the infection. Numerous government and non-government groups like the World Health Organization back these programs.