The statistics

A 34% increase in the number of gonorrhea cases has been documented by the health department of the state of Washington in the United States. According to reports, there were 2,350 gonorrhea patients recorded during the first nine months of the year 2012, and this year, 2013, that number has risen to 3,137.

Medical experts are looking for reasons why this surge happened. They say gonorrhea victims remain to be mostly comprised of young adults, both males, and females.

What the statistics mean

Even though the increase is worrying, the number of gonorrhea cases in the state is still well below the national average.
As a result of this, everybody is working on monitoring the gonorrhea cases around the region, as well as spreading out more information on gonorrhea to help people that might be suffering from it. Being aware of what gonorrhea is can actually do a huge role in someone's ability to spot in early on.

Getting tested

It is important that people know how testing for gonorrhea at the earliest opportunity can help them. Before more signs and symptoms or severe complications show up, get a gonorrhea test so as to be properly diagnosed and be given the right kind of treatment medication.

Gonorrhea is the number two most prevalent sexually transmitted disease or STD in the state of Washington, so everyone is advised to observe the right precautions in order to avoid the dangers and risks associated with it.

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