In the last few months, the HIV epidemic has just increased even more. With the internet bustling with all sorts of dirty videos and teenagers acting as if there is no more tomorrow, HIV is increasingly growing with the times and this new threat is something that we must face. Just in the last few months, more and more people, especially teens, have tested positive for HIV. Most of the people who had positive in their tests were, as most doctors had speculated, quite ignorant. They didn't know the risks involved in having unsafe sex and were the kind of happy-go-lucky people that didn't really care much for their health or for other people. HIV is a threat all of us must face, and the battle isn't really over yet. For years, treatment has become increasingly better when it comes to treating HIV, but not by much. Unfortunately, if people and especially teens and children continue to be uneducated about the risks of having sex without safety measures, then we will have more and more cases of HIV to handle, and, as it is already now, the cases we have are unbearable. It would be truly heartbreaking to see even more people with HIV as this is getting out of control.

Awareness can be the best prevention

If people were more aware of the risks involved with having sex freely without any strict measures of safety being used, everyone would simply have HIV. It is a fact that all of us must accept. And unfortunately, if none of us shape up and do our own research, we will be left to wonder if the future generation will do any better. Being aware of the risks and telling other people is the best way we can counteract this new threat.

Do your own research

Don't depend on your doctor or on the government. The internet is free and much of the information on it is free as well. Do your own research about the subject to improve your knowledge on that specific field. Believe me, it could save your life someday. Spread the word. Don't just tell your family, tell all your friends. If everyone were aware of the risks involved, then they would think twice before hooking up with almost anyone they see. The next person they will have sex with could have HIV. Make sure to get vaccinated for this disease. 

There is a way

When there is a will, there is away. There are many methods to avoid being sucked into the trap of having to have HIV. If you simply look at yourself, you will know that there are many ways you can do and implement in your life to avoid HIV. Start by practicing a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is the best form of fighting different diseases. Before having sexual intercourse with a person, make sure to use a condom or to take safety pills. Get your HIV vaccination. There are many things, methods and ways you can use to protect yourself, your friends, your partner and your family from this new, growing and scary new epidemic that is called HIV.