Previously gonorrhea has always been referred to as having “The Grip or The Clap”. It is a disease that is really very contagious. The cause of it is the bacteria called Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacterium which will develop and live in your bodies mucus membranes, it likes the very damp conditions and because of this, it can more than likely be present in the female’s fallopian tube, urethra, and their cervixes. For men, it is in their anus and mouth areas. 


The silent disease

Data in the United States of America is showing that it is one of the most frequent infections for a male to have and that when a positive test is confirmed most of its sufferers do not even realize that they actually have it in the place. Due to a serious lack of any outward symptoms, it is one of the hard to spot viruses.

The symptoms of Gonorrhea

A man will upon having the infection show a weeping discharge that will be yellow in color, a burning sensation or tingle in the throat after performing oral sex and a feeling of burning pain when passing urine. Their testes will be swollen and painful to touch, and the throat glands will become sensitive to pain and swelling. This will occur at around 14 days after they have first been infected with the actual bacteria. 

If you think you have been exposed to or have the virus your first course of action should be to get tested to see if you are actually infected. The easiest way to perform the test is to give a urine sample although swabs can also be taken from your anus, throat, and urethra if you test for gonorrhea it is almost certain that the chlamydia bacterium will also be present as well. 

Treatment for Gonorrhea

Treatments which are now given include drugs which are taken by mouth and an antibiotic which is given via an injection. Those of you who have regular partners should get them treated as well and have no sexual contact whatsoever during the treatment period. It is most important to be treated as soon as possible or it could develop into making a male infertile by having Epididymitis, and also the scarring of your urethra tube which will then lead to painful prostrate and urinating problems.

Prevention of Gonorrhea

Now as I have said many times before, the only true way of prevention is by a male using a good quality condom barrier especially if you are very prone to having multiple partners. Using a condom is the only true way of putting a barrier in between the skin to skin contact that occurs when you are having sex with someone. We do need to keep repeating this to ensure that people totally understand both this message and one of getting checked out sexually as part of a periodical all over body health medical wise. Because after all you do this on a regular basis for your teeth and the rest of your body so why not include your sexual health as well?