Do you know anyone who has had an STD? Were you there to see how much pain and suffering they had to endure? Are you scared that you might contract an STD one day and not know to handle it?

STDs, which stands for sexually-transmitted diseases, are quite prevalent nowadays. If you have been following the news about these diseases, you would know that there are several millions of people all over the planet that suffer from these.

What causes STDs?

There are different kinds of STDs, and they are brought about by different microorganisms. For instance, a good example of one that is caused by a virus is HIV. HIV continues to be one of the top STDs in the world today, mainly because it is very easy to be passed on and its treatment is quite expensive. Bacteria-caused STDs are Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis.

How can you protect yourself from STDs?

The best way to protect yourself from these STDs is to abstain from the primary way to get them is through sexual intercourse. But, if abstaining is very difficult for you to do, you can just use condoms every time you engage in sexual activities.

STDs can bring about harsh signs and symptoms that lead to pain and discomfort. They can damage some important bodily organs if not diagnosed and treated early on.

Medical professionals urge everyone to get STD tested routinely, most especially if you are sexually active. STD testing can detect the STDs right away, hopefully before they cause some severe damage.

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