HIV stands for:

H - Human
I - Immunodeficiency
V - Virus

It is a sexually-transmitted disease that can infect any human being, whether male, female, young, or old. It is caused by a virus that attacks the immune system and leads to a weakened one.

Once the virus gets into the body, it will find ways to replicate itself so as to spread the disease to other parts of the body. It will make use of your own proteins and cells to be able to do that. If nothing is done to battle it, it can lead to some serious complications, and even death.

AIDS stands for:

A - Acquired
I - Immune
D - Deficiency
S - Syndrome

This is the final stage of HIV, where many complications arise. At this point, a person is deemed to be untreatable and may have to live with the disease until his or her body cannot take it anymore.

It is important to undergo HIV testing to detect the infection right away.