Among the sexually-transmitted diseases that harm both women and men, both young and old, is something called Chlamydia. Research data maintain that around four million Americans get infected with the disease each year, and the figure will constantly increase if it is left undiagnosed and untreated. 

Chlamydia is recognized as a silent disease since an individual who is infected with it might not display any specific signs or symptoms for a very long time. Because of this, the infection is left uninterrupted and can easily spread around the body, or from one individual to another. One only becomes aware he or she is sick is when the side effects show up, and it is already too late for you to deal with it. 

Males and females have distinct sets of warning signs from Chlamydia. Read further to understand how distinct they are. 

Chlamydia in Women 

Chlamydia requires between one and three weeks to incubate, which means that the initial symptoms will only appear after this time period lapses. 

A female Chlamydia patient will have nausea, together with pains in the lower mid-section. The vagina will begin to smell unpleasant, and peculiar, milky vaginal discharge that appears like mucus will also surface. Pain when urinating and sex will also take place. She will have inconsistent menstrual periods. 

Those who had oral sex with another infected individual will have a sore throat or some other sort of throat infection. 

If not handled right away, the warning signs will turn into critical complications including pelvic inflammatory disease or PID, miscarriage, cervicitis, ectopic pregnancy, infertility, and salpingitis. 

Chlamydia in Men 

Facts and figures suggest over forty million males on the planet are infected with Chlamydia. Allow me to share the symptoms that they ought to look out for: 

A male patient will feel a burning discomfort during urination. He will have odd discharges emerging from his penis. Watch out for stains in the underwear for this. Likewise, enlargement of the testicles is a symptom of Chlamydia in its first stage. 

Those who had anal sex with another afflicted individual will suffer the pain of enlargement in the rectal region. The patient will feel discomfort and some burning sensation and will get bleeding and discharge. 

Those who performed oral sex can get a sore throat. 

Detecting Chlamydia 

As soon as you observe any of the symptoms manifesting to you, it is suggested that you see your doctor. In the beginning, these medical experts will prescribe you with antibiotics you need to take for a time period. You will be instructed to abstain so as to not distribute the disease around. Have your sexual mate tested as well so that he or she will also obtain treatment while the infection is still not that serious? 

The usage of protection when having sex performs a vital role in the spread of STDs. We ought to know about that and inform ourselves so as not to put in danger our and other people’s health and wellness.