Gonorrhea belongs to a long list of sexually transmitted diseases that have affected several people over the years. It is primarily transmitted through sexual intercourse, whether it is done anally, orally, or vaginally. It continues to affect people all over the world regardless of their gender, age, social and economic status, and others.

People who are prone to Gonorrhea infection

There are certain groups of people that are more prone to contracting gonorrhea. According to studies, drug addicts, young adults and adolescents who are sexually active, and people who have multiple sexual partners are more likely to get infected with gonorrhea than other groups of people.

Signs and Symptoms of Gonorrhea

There are numerous signs and symptoms of gonorrhea. They actually depend on whether the victim is female or male. Here are the most common gonorrhea symptoms on females: painful urination, more frequent urination, bleeding between their menstrual periods, strange-colored vaginal discharge, inflammation of the vaginal area, and much more. In males, the most common symptoms of gonorrhea are painful urination, strange-colored discharge from the penis, and inflammation of the testicles. Once you experience these symptoms, it is important that you go out and get tested for gonorrhea.

Unfortunately, there are instances when people contract gonorrhea and not see the symptoms immediately. Sometimes, it would take several days before any of these symptoms show. Because of this, some people tend to put aside the need to get a gonorrhea test. As a result, many gonorrhea cases are left undiagnosed and it spreads and infects more people.

Gonorrhea testing

It is necessary for a person who has gonorrhea to get tested for STDs. STD clinics are equipped with facilities for a gonorrhea test for anyone who needs it. Testing for gonorrhea is needed so that the proper treatment for it can be administered to the patient as soon as possible. An alternative to gonorrhea testing in an STD clinic is a gonorrhea self-test kit which can also diagnose if a person has contracted the disease. Whichever method you choose to use, the most important thing about all these is that you have to know whether you have the disease or not so that you can go and seek treatment immediately.

Gonorrhea is a disease that needs your attention. It spreads very fast and will affect anyone so we must learn to practice proper precaution especially when having sexual intercourse. It can cause serious damage to a person’s overall health so we should be alert to its symptoms and always practice protected sex.