How can you get AIDS?

AIDS, or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is passed on in numerous ways. A pregnant woman that has the illness can pass it on to her baby while carrying a child by the food nutrients and blood exchanged between them. Somebody who participates in sexual pastimes without making use of protection is also a lot more vulnerable to being infected with it. Those people that love to sleep around with essentially almost anybody, with no understanding of the sexual background of these men and women, are also at stake. Fluid transmission for instance blood transfusion, semen, breast milk, and vaginal fluid can also give birth to AIDS. Owing to all these, AIDS is widely seen as a pandemic. On an annual basis, about four million people are documented to have been suffering from AIDS.

AIDS is a problem that is prevalent in several nations on the planet. It is brought on by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV. It troubles the person’s immune system, bringing about him or her incapable to stand against other bacteria, fungi, yeasts, germs, and medical conditions, and leading to worse diseases not to mention death.

As soon as an individual affected by HIV gets a T-cell or CD4 cell count that is below 200 for every mm, then AIDS occurs. In the USA, AIDS places fifth in the ranking of top fatal medical conditions in people today aged 25 years old to 44 years old. It has disturbed around 55 million people all over the world, and government bodies predict that the amount will remain to increase unless of course something is conducted to stop and terminate the spread.

Symptoms of AIDS

The most popular indications of AIDS are fever, swollen glands, influenza, and profuse sweating. The patient might experience weight loss, exhaustion, and chills. These symptoms are not present at the outset, and that is the key reason why the majority do not know that they have the infection until the signals change into a lot more critical.

What is the treatment for AIDS

There is hardly any medication and therapy that has effectively squashed off AIDS or HIV thoroughly. Today’s remedies can only reduce the speed of the spread of illness. The antiretroviral therapy program works by inhibiting the approach of newly-acquired infections and extend even a little the existence of the sufferer. All medicines and pharmaceutical products for AIDS can be bought in many regions, but they can be expensive.

Health authorities and scientists perform research, laboratory tests, and examination to finally identify a solution for AIDS. For many years now, more and more people’s lives were eliminated by the illness because of the expenses for having the treatment plan.