Chlamydia does not often manifest symptoms. It is actually one of those STDs that are dubbed as silent killers due to their stealth and noiselessness when causing harm and damage to the body. But, for information’s sake, allow me to share a number of these typical Chlamydia symptoms: rectal pain, abdominal pain, painful urination, spotting in between periods, bleeding after sexual intercourse, inflammation in certain female reproductive system organs, unusual discharge from the rectum, white-colored or clear discharge in the urethra, painful sexual intercourse, and a mucopurulent discharge coming from the vagina.

In the advanced phase, the sufferer could contract the pelvic inflammatory disease, which can bring about ectopic pregnancy in ladies and infertility.


A Chlamydia test kit is a really helpful piece of equipment to help people verify if they have contracted it. It can offer them information on whether or not their signs and symptoms indicate Chlamydia or not. This product is for sale in outlets and also over the internet. It is recommended for people who are too uncomfortable or afraid to head to the hospital and see a medical doctor.

The kits are created so that potentially-infected victims can perform the test in the privacy of their own homes, in their very own time. Teens who are too scared to discuss this problem with adults can accomplish the test on their own, but they must be urged to see a professional keep away from any more severe complications.

Your next action must be to find a way to cure it in case you test positive for Chlamydia. This is the perfect time to get professional assistance. In case tested negative, you need to tell yourself to practice safe sex at all times. Chlamydia can easily be brought on via oral, anal or vaginal sex, to ensure that you make use of the correct protection.


An infected victim in the early stage will normally be encouraged to take doxycycline for one week. Many tests could follow suit to observe if there are improvements or problems. Their sexual companions must also go through the same tests to examine their situations. This better is performed right away so as to deal with the bacteria quickly. It is quite crucial that you do something against Chlamydia before it propagates and ruins a person’s health and wellbeing. Go pay a visit to your doctor to read additional information on how hazardous this infection is to the human body.