Research data indicate that two-thirds of people with Chlamydia do not know that they have the health problem simply because Chlamydia does not constantly present obvious symptoms. It is bad for the female reproductive system and can bring about infertility. If you think that you may have it, or if you know anyone who could or has it, visit a doctor instantly.
Any person can be affected with Chlamydia in a number of easy ways. This type of sexually-transmitted disease can be transferred from one individual to another via anal, vaginal, and oral sex. An affected pregnant lady can give it to her kid upon going through vaginal birth. A person is very likely to contract Chlamydia if he or she is getting it on with numerous partners. No person is spared from this illness: adult males, ladies, gays, and lesbians are all similar in danger. The one and positive thing to not get stricken with it is through abstinence.   

Testing for chlamydia 

For quite some time, health authorities have invested countless hours and money trying to find ways to properly and correctly identify and test Chlamydia. Some methods include:

  • The Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests or NAAT is regarded as the widely-used and dependable testing method that health professionals use these days. It looks at the DNA of the sufferer really closely to identify more correctly what is going in the patient’s human body. It makes use of very state of the art devices and equipment that can monitor microorganisms not evident with the naked eye.
  • The procedure referred to as DNA probe is also among the more prominent ones, and it uncovers signs of the Chlamydia DNA within the body. Even so, it is not as perceptive as the NAAT.
  • One other strategy useful for Chlamydia testing is referred to as the direct fluorescent antibody stain. It performs by looking for the Chlamydia antigens, compounds that cause the production of antibodies that will deactivate and destroy them.
  • You can get home test kits for sale in several pharmaceutical stores and health hospitals these days. They are utilized to verify if you are infected with Chlamydia, in your home, in your own personal time. It is absolutely not as efficient as the other methods, but it is satisfactory to alert you if you, in fact, have the health issue or not.

After you obtain your test results back, be ready on how to deal with it next. Having a negative indicates you do not have the disease. Yet as a safety measure, try your very best to keep a vibrant lifestyle here on out. On the contrary, if you get a positive test result, consult with your doctor and pay attention to what he or she wants you to perform next. The Chlamydia treatment method will most likely start with you consuming antibiotics until just about all indicators and tracks of it are no longer there.