How serious is HIV? 

You need to have an overall picture of the principal warning signs of HIV. HIV is currently one of the fatal health conditions on earth.  Primary HIV infection is the period in which an individual has been contaminated with HIV for a couple weeks or months. People affected with HIV can have warning signs that are comparable to the flu or mononucleosis at this point. All through primary HIV infection, an individual will never acquire precise test result to determine if they are afflicted or not making use of standard HIV antibody tests.

What are the common HIV symptoms? 

Individuals who do have signs and symptoms typically have joint pain, fever, loss of appetite, vomiting, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, diarrhea, muscle pain, fatigue, headache, oral or genital ulcers, and nausea. These warning signs may appear within days or weeks of the early contact to the infection during primary or acute HIV infection period. In other situations, individuals with HIV demonstrate absolutely no symptoms whatsoever, though, a lot of people always exhibit a number of symptoms and others may only present moderate warning signs. If the primary or acute HIV infection has expired, the symptoms lessen and patients will seem better for some time. The majority of people do not display any kind of obvious symptoms for at least eight years.

Virtually all the warning signs that may happen soon after HIV infection are also usual symptoms associated with other health issues. Because of this, they are no defined HIV symptoms and the only strategy to detect the virus is by taking an HIV test. People have various options when testing for HIV. Getting HIV self- test kits to be used at home has become very popular.

What are HIV test kits? 

These HIV test kits permit people to conduct the HIV test in the privacy and comfort of their own home. Instead of stressing about HIV warning signs you need to basically test for the HIV antibody which might be in your bloodstream resulting from HIV infection. When taking an HIV test it is very important to keep in mind that HIV antibodies need time to be generated due to HIV infection.

In the event that these medical conditions are left neglected, the immune system gets to be rapidly fragile and the sickness proceeds to AIDS. The following signs and symptoms experienced by an individual afflicted with HIV are usually connected with the opportunistic infections that strike patients with AIDS symptoms include pneumonia, tuberculosis, and toxoplasmosis. Primary HIV infection or major symptoms of HIV are a phase that requires quick treatment options. It is best to seek for fast treatment plan from an STD testing site to discern if you have the ailment.