A report recently revealed that the city of Jacksonville in Florida is ranked number three on the list of cities with the most number of HIV/AIDS cases.

The data were gathered from information taken from the records of the Census Bureau and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Health officials in the region admitted that they were not really surprised to learn about this since Jacksonville has always been one of the cities with high HIV rates.

Some data on prevalence of HIV in Jacksonville

The Health Department provides some more information about the prevalence of HIV in the area:

  • 3,348 men and women are suffering from AIDS
  • 2,574 of the HIV positive individuals are located in Duval County
  • 35% of the infections were contracted from heterosexual sex
  • 76% of the new infections were males

A health professional in Jacksonville attributed this HIV problem in Jacksonville to lack of awareness. He said people do not really want to talk about HIV and they usually treat this topic as something that is taboo and should not be discussed openly.

For this reason, various health organizations in the area are working hard to spread accurate information and awareness so as to minimize the number of HIV and AIDS victims moving forward.

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