Sexually transmitted diseases have become widespread these days, and one of these that have already affected huge numbers of people is syphilis. Syphilis is an STD which is caused by the bacterium named as Treponema Pallidum. It infects individuals in such a way that the signs or symptoms are noticeable in the mouth and genital regions.

Why is Syphilis dangerous?

Syphilis is generally quite easily passed on from a person to another. It is possible to contract syphilis upon having sex with someone who has already been tested positive for syphilis. Should this be the case, you have to get tested for syphilis the moment you can. Syphilis is a malicious type of disease that can weaken your body’s capability to perform well. It is an ailment that needs to be stopped from spreading due to all the unpleasant signs or symptoms and consequences it bears.

As soon as somebody becomes infected with syphilis, there are actually simply no visible symptoms in the beginning. This really is the prime reason why people really do not test for syphilis in early stages. Why exactly would you have a syphilis test if there exist zero indications that you might have the infection? This mindset must be changed because syphilis can quietly damage a person’s health and well being without presenting any kind of visible signs or symptoms.

The stages of Syphilis infection and why you should get tested

The 1st stage of syphilis typically happens around 2 to 3 weeks after it has been contracted by someone. The first indication of syphilis is a sore or lesion generally known as a chancre. It could develop in the mouth area in the event you had oral sex with a syphilis-infected man or woman, on the anus in case you had anal sex, or in the genitals for those who had vaginal sex. It could possibly also show up in other parts of the human body which had been in contact with the syphilis bacteria. A chancre could vanish after some time, but it really does not necessarily mean that your syphilis has been treated. You will still have to get a syphilis test and go through treatment.

The main reason why you will need to get tested for syphilis is primarily that you must establish whether that which you have is syphilis or another disease. By doing this, you could be treated with the correct prescription medication.

The 2nd stage of syphilis delivers more signs or symptoms and causes more harm to the body. Somebody who is in the 2nd stage of syphilis will suffer the pain of a sore throat, fever, throbbing headache, joint and muscle pains, losing weight, inflamed lymph nodes, and more lesions around the human body. When this happens, treatment must already commence since if not treated, syphilis will certainly move on to the tertiary stage and bring about far more health issues.