Hepatitis C is a sickness caused by a virus that attacks the liver. The hepatitis C virus usually does not trigger any symptoms in the beginning, but that does not mean it is not doing anything harmful to our bodies. It actually has already started doing damage and if not dealt with early on, it can result in more complications.

Symptoms of Hepatitis C

Liver cirrhosis is one of these serious complications that a hepatitis C patient may face if proper treatment is not administered promptly. Upon commencement of cirrhosis, apparent symptoms will then be gradually showcased by the patient such as modification in skin color tone to a yellowish one because of the accumulated bilirubin level in the blood medically called fatigue, jaundice, malaise, anorexia, irritation, and being instantly bruised as a result of reduced level of clotting elements are significantly observed as well.

Hepatitis C is similar to other hepatitis varieties because of its predisposing elements. Affected people who have been obtaining dialysis of the kidney for a longer period are at higher risk to acquire this type of hepatitis. People who have work involved with blood contact are also in danger of this type of infection including medical health staff arena.

 How people contract Hepatitis C

  1. Those that engaged in an unprotected sex are more likely to catch this type of hepatitis. Although based on research this hazard variable is seldom common but for a person with HIV or STD, it is certainly widespread.
  2. The sharing of needle injections normally used by prohibited drug users, tattoo fanatics, acupuncture treatments predisposes them for hepatitis, not just the C type. Blood transfusion and acquiring organs from donors with this health condition predisposes someone.
  3. Moreover, the simple sharing of personal belongings for hygiene such as toothbrush and razor are seen to be danger factors also though this is an unusual practice.
  4. Lastly, the danger of hepatitis transmission from a pregnant mom to its baby is on the list too.

It is necessary to be aware of all these pieces of information so that we can keep ourselves away from hepatitis C. This disease is not something to be ignored, and anyone who thinks he or she might have it should see a doctor right away. Hepatitis C is a serious illness that can trigger all sorts of symptoms and complications so it must be diagnosed and treated as early as you can.