Syphilis is a bacteria-caused sexually transmitted disease that is quite widespread these days. Every year, the number of syphilis cases increases, and that has to stop because it can cause a lot of harm and damage to a person's body.

The stages of Syphilis and their complications

As soon as syphilis gets into a person's body, he or she has primary syphilis where the first symptom is a small, hard, painless sore called a chancre. This chancre will disappear in a number of days and in comes the second stage called secondary syphilis. During this next stage, more symptoms pop up such as rashes on the palms of the hand and soles of the feet, fever, soreness, aching, and fatigue.

If a person in the secondary stage of syphilis still fails to get tested and treated, he or she will now enter the latent stage and finally the tertiary stage.

Tertiary stage complications

During the tertiary stage, the most serious complications may arise such as:

  • inflammation of the aorta, aneurysm, valvular heart disease, and other cardiovascular problems
  • inflammation of spinal cord and brain membranes, meningitis, stroke, personality changes, deafness, paralysis, numbness, poor muscle coordination, and other neurological problems

To avoid all these, you have to know that early syphilis testing and treatment is the answer.

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