What Is HIV?

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It is a sexually-transmitted disease that is tagged as a “silent killer.” It has affected several millions of people around the world because it is very contagious.

Once HIV enters the body, it attacks a person’s immune system. Because of this, a person infected with HIV will be susceptible to other diseases and will not be able to fight off these harmful viruses and bacteria.

Most cases of HIV are reported to come from the under-developed and developing countries. This is the case because these people are not aware of what HIV is and what it can do to our health. They are also not familiar with what to do once you get HIV and how they can avoid it.

What is rapid HIV testing?

HIV in its early stages can be cured. That is the reason why all medical professionals want people to get testing for HIV as soon as they suspect that they have been infected. HIV can creep into your body without you realizing it. It also does not manifest visible symptoms for some time, so it gives the virus enough time to cause damage and havoc to a person’s immune system.

Rapid HIV testing is a method of HIV testing that has become popular today. It offers people a convenient and easily accessible way of testing for HIV.

HIV rapid testing kits promise to give results in less than 20 minutes, and with very little chances of giving a false positive. They are almost as efficient as the usual HIV testing methods conducted in STD clinics and health centers.

Once you go out to buy your HIV rapid test kit, you have to make sure that the product has a seal of approval from the Food and Drug Administration. HIV rapid test kits will usually require your swab sample, and the results can be generated in no time. The product package comes with an instruction manual so make sure to read it thoroughly before starting the testing.

Because HIV rapid test kits are extremely simple to manage, they are being used not only by private individuals but also by some medical facilities around the world. You can buy them from health centers, over the counter, or online web stores. For more information about rapid HIV testing, go out and drop by your doctor’s office.