Oral gonorrhea is a type of gonorrhea that is caused by engaging in oral sex. It is also known as pharyngeal gonorrhea. It is caused by the bacteria known as Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

How you get oral gonorrhea

One can get oral gonorrhea if they come into direct contact with the yellowish or whitish pus-like fluid that contains the gonorrhea bacteria present in his or her sex partner.

A person infected with this type of gonorrhea may not show any visible symptoms early on. After some days or weeks, the initial symptoms finally manifest and includes a sore throat and reddish or whitish discharge from the mouth.

Prevention of gonorrhea

Males and females are at risk of pharyngeal gonorrhea, so everyone is advised to always be careful when engaging in oral sex. If you notice anything weird looking in your partner's genitals, do not be afraid to say no to having sex.

Gonorrhea can cause serious complications if not tested right away, so you have to get tested for gonorrhea once those symptoms become visible. Delaying testing can put your health and your sex partner's health in danger.

So, remember to get a gonorrhea test before it is too late. More severe symptoms and complications may arise if diagnosis and treatment are not administered at the earliest opportunity.

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