Congenital syphilis is a type of syphilis that occurs in babies whose mothers are infected with the infection. It is passed on during pregnancy and it can bring about a lot of harm and danger to the baby.

Pre-natal Screening for Syphilis

Because of how risky congenital syphilis is, pregnant women are all required to undergo syphilis testing. They should go through pre-natal screening and evaluation to make sure that they are free of syphilis and other STDs and diseases that can endanger their babies.

Symptoms of Congenital Syphilis

The most common symptoms of congenital syphilis include enlarged spleen and/or liver, skin lesions, brain infection, disseminated infection, and even death. If a baby is born without signs and symptoms, it is advised that it undergoes proper medical care to make sure that it does not develop any kind of complications.

If you want to prevent congenital syphilis, you have to practice safe sex all the time. Putting your baby's health at risk is very irresponsible as a parent, so make sure that you use condoms and make better decisions when it comes to sex.

Babies with congenital syphilis are treated with penicillin. The medication is injected into them and will take effect as soon as possible. The mother is also given the appropriate syphilis treatment for her infection so as to not put anyone else in danger of syphilis.

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