Caused by bacteria, Chlamydia is one of today’s most common sexually-transmitted disease. It can afflict both males and females, adults and kids. It can lead to some serious damage to very important bodily organs if not detected and treated at the earliest opportunity.

How Chlamydia is typically spread

Chlamydia is typically spread by having unprotected sexual intercourse. So, those that engage in anal, oral, or vaginal sex without using condoms are very likely to contract this infection if their sex partner(s) are infected.



A male Chlamydia patient can pass the disease on to a female during sexual intercourse, even without him ejaculating.

Also, pregnant women who have Chlamydia can transmit the disease to their babies during child delivery. That is why it is recommended to undergo Chlamydia testing while pregnant so as to detect STDs such as Chlamydia early on and receive the appropriate treatment for it.

Protect yourself from Chlamydia

There are many different ways to protect yourself against this terrible infection. One is by using protection all the time. Latex condoms are your tools to prevent the transmission of the bacteria from your partner to you. They help lower the risk of spread of the disease.

It will also help if you can limit your sex partners to one, because the more sex partners you have, the greater the chances of you contracting Chlamydia and other types of STDs.