The number of people infected with sexually-transmitted diseases is growing at a rapid rate, so the need to get tested for STDs has never been this urgent. Over the years, outbreaks of various STDs such as Chlamydia have increased by a significant percentage in many countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, more studies have found out that the numbers presented in these data are actually higher because a lot of the STD-infected people are not diagnosed. Many STDs do not show symptoms once they infect people, so there is always a chance that people neglect to get tested for STDs especially if they see no visible reasons to do so.

STD testing

According to statistics, the number of women that undergo STD testing is higher than men who undergo STD testing. The reason for this is that women usually have to undergo STD screening when they are pregnant or get smear tests. Men, on the other hand, can live all their lives without even setting foot in an STD clinic.

Everybody is encouraged to take an STD test especially if they are sexually active. STDs are primarily transmitted through sexual contact so it just makes sense to get tested for STD when you have an active sex life. Also, those that have multiple sexual partners are at high risk of acquiring STDs, as well as those that are into intravenous drug addiction.

STD Clinic testing

There many ways to test for STD. One of them is by going to an STD clinic. There are STD clinics in almost every city on earth, and they are there to spread the word about the importance of STD testing. These facilities are equipped with different kinds of laboratory equipment that can diagnose the numerous STDs accurately. They also provide other services that can help STD patients go through with their conditions. They are manned by knowledgeable and experienced medical professionals that can explain everything about STDs that people want to know.

STD home testing

Another way to test for STDs is by using an STD home test kit which people can buy from these STD clinics, drugstores, or online stores. An STD home test kit enables people to undergo an STD exam without having to go out of their house and be seen in the public. It comes in a package that has detailed instructions on how to begin the procedure, and what to do to ensure an accurate result.

For more information about STDs, you can always visit a doctor in your area. Also, you can go online and look for articles on STDs to learn more about them.