The Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or more ordinarily known as HIV, is one of the today’s most terrifying medical illnesses. It has stricken so many men and women around the globe, and the number of victims steadily increases each year.

Modes of transmission

The HIV infection is normally transmitted from a person to another by means of sexual contact. People who have unprotected sex with an HIV positive human being, even for just a few times, are quite susceptible to acquiring HIV. It is the fluids engaged during sexual intercourse that serve as carriers of the HIV infection.

Another mode of transmission of HIV is through blood. Those who get a blood transfusion must be careful to make sure that blood employed is clear from HIV because if not,  the virus will easily find its way to your various body parts. Also, the use of needles and other sharp equipment already employed by a patient will also contribute to the transmission of the disease.

Even the unborn and infants are not spared from the dangers of HIV. They can get the illness through their moms. A pregnant woman who is stricken by HIV can pass the virus to the baby in her womb through the placenta. A mom infected with the HIV will also transfer the infection the moment she breastfeeds her baby.

Get tested early on

Anytime you feel that you have acquired HIV, you should immediately look where you can get tested. The sickness has various symptoms that you should be wary of in order to evaluate if it is time to pay a visit to a doctor. Medical practitioners can help test HIV in people, and they are there to give counsel to and enlighten. There are actually various HIV treatment sites in all parts of the earth today so that people can have easy attainability to them.

An HIV test usually employs the HIV antibody detection strategy to find evidence of HIV antibodies in the bloodstream. Because the time the immune system finds a foreign organism that threatens to cause harm inside the human body, it responds by deploying antibodies to combat these aliens. That is how the test detects whether you have HIV or not.

Preventing HIV infection

There are many problems and obstacles tied to having HIV so we need to learn to exercise safe sex in every instance. Getting an HIV exam routinely will also help in defining where our health stands. Be cautious about its detrimental effects and help spread the word about how to steer clear of it and halt its dispersion. HIV is very detrimental to our health, so we should be aware of it and always be careful.