The Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS is a disease that is among the most notorious concerns of every country on the planet. It strikes a human being’s immune system and can lead to death.

AIDS happens when an HIV infected person encounters a decrease in his or her CD4 cell or T-cell count. It is said that a count of lower than 200 in every mm can lead to AIDS. In the United States, AIDS is ranked fifth in the list of deadly diseases that afflict people between the ages of 25 and 44. It is reported that more than fifty million men and women on earth are suffering from this fatal condition.

How is AIDS transmitted?

There are various ways to transmit AIDS from one person to another. One example is when a pregnant woman is positive with AIDS, and she ends up passing the disease on to her baby while still in the womb. The exchange of blood and food nutrients serves as the route for the infection to move.

Another mode of AIDS transmission is by having sex with an AIDS patient. Engaging in vaginal, oral, or anal sex without using any condom can put you in danger of becoming infected with AIDS as well. The fluids exchanged during sex carries the disease, so it is important to refrain from this activity with an AIDS patient.

How do you know if you have AIDS?

AIDS, once it infects a person, manifests various signs and symptoms. Some of the most common ones are inflamed glands, abnormal sweating, fever, and flu. Sometimes, the victim also encounters chills, fatigue, and weight loss. However, these AIDS symptoms do not immediately show as soon as it infects someone. There is a certain period of time until they emerge.

How do you cure AIDS?

Nowadays, unfortunately, no cure has been discovered that can completely eradicate AIDS. What we have now are treatment options that can slow down the damage and havoc AIDS can bring about. Antiretroviral treatments are commonly given to HIV and AIDS patient, but these are not able to totally treat them.

There are also prescription drugs given to AIDS patients, but they cost quite much. For this reason, many AIDS patients tend to not seek treatment because they can not afford it.

I guess, in this case, prevention is the best way to protect yourself from AIDS. Always practice safe sex and be well-informed about AIDS and other kinds of STDs.