1: What does STD mean?

STD means




It is a group of diseases that, as its name suggests, are transmitted through sexual activities.

2: Who can get infected with STDs?

STDs can infect literally anyone. Whether you are a woman, a man, a teen, or an adult, you can contract STDs if you are not careful.

3: Are there other ways to contract STDs, aside from sex?

Yes, here are the other transmission methods:

- use of contaminted drug paraphernalia

- use of contaminated tattooing or piercing equipment

- from an STD-infected pregnant woman to her child

- direct contact with an open cut or wound of an infected person

- exposure to contaminated blood or organs

4: What is the best way to protect against STDs?

There are many different precautionary measures you can observe to protect against STDs. Here they are:

- use protection all the time

- abstain

- be in a mutually monogamous relationship

- get STD tested regularly