One of the most well-known STDs is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV. It is a viral strain that impairs the normal performance of the human body’s immune system. As time continues, the virus will strike one organ after another, which will result to the destruction and eventual devastation of the human body. 

How is HIV transmitted? 

HIV is passed on in the following means: 

From an HIV-infected female to her infant 

Via sexual intercourse 

Via transfusion of HIV-infected blood 

By using needles already utilized by an HIV patient 

Why go through HIV screening? 

HIV screening is necessary since it detects the occurrence of the virus in an individual’s body. It can inform us how severe the infection has become, and how the person’s antibodies are reacting. HIV is a health problem that we must not simply ignore, and we have to help out those that are at risk of it. 

There are several strategies of HIV screening. A couple of the widely-used are known as the Western Blot Tests and the ELISA. They are diagnostic processes that health professionals have been utilizing for several years now, and they have proven to be accurate and precise when diagnosing HIV. 

In ELISA, a blood sample of the sufferer is necessary to decide if there are HIV antibodies existing. It is a really common procedure worldwide and is advised by medical doctors and other workers in the area. 

One other method used is known as the Radioimmuniprecipitation Assay, also called RIPA. It makes use of a truly ultra powerful apparatus to diagnose an individual. It is very costly and only certified and skilled laboratory technicians are allowed to conduct it. It also requires some time to get the results. 

In the developing nations, the Rapid Latex Agglutination Assay is quite typical since it is less expensive in comparison to the other techniques. It is a blood test that can evaluate if you are HIV positive or negative without the advanced, high-priced testing equipment and features. 

HIV is an illness that we ought to pay attention on. It has already taken away the lives of countless people around the world due to lack of awareness and information regarding it. We must all make an effort to spread the word the way to prevent and overcome it.