The Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV is a virus that assaults our immune system which results in a variety of complications. A person afflicted with the virus will encounter deterioration of many body organs until he or she gets immune deficient.

How to contract HIV

An individual can contract HIV in many different ways: sharing sharp needles with an HIV-infected individual, sexual intercourse, transfusion of blood that is contaminated with HIV, and an HIV patient mother to her kid.

Someone who has HIV is in jeopardy of getting AIDS in the future. AIDS, which is actually the acronym for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, is related to HIV when it comes to the warning signs, symptoms, cancer problems, infections, and other problems typical to the two.

Signs and Symptoms of infection

In the course of an early infection, the sufferer might experience signs or symptoms of flu. The majority of people might disregard it and consider it as nothing serious, so they wind up forgetting about it and discover that they are infected with something severe when it is already far too late. For this reason, health professionals encourage everybody, most especially the sexually-active ones, to go through an HIV screening test.

Early detection of the infection saves a patient from plenty of hazardous problems by HIV or AIDS. The ones that make use of needles when consuming drugs, people that have had unprotected sexual intercourse, those with an HIV-positive sexual mate, people who are infected with any kind of sexually-transmitted disease or STD, and the ones that slept with sexually-active homosexual guys are urged to take the test.

HIV Screening Tests

There are several ways of HIV screening tests --- urine tests, swab tests or oral tests, and blood tests. The reason for the test is not to sense the occurrence of HIV itself, but to check if there are tracks of HIV antibodies discharged by the immune system to deal with the virus. It is possible for an HIV sufferer to obtain a negative test result if his or her immune system cannot really produce adequate antibodies to safeguard his or her entire body.

The human body might take between three weeks and three months before it is going to generate sufficient antibodies in this scenario. After this period of time lapses, a lot more precise test result can be obtained. An HIV patient must follow extreme caution to not go around with his or her old sociable tactics since he or she is a carrier of an extremely severe kind of virus.

To protect yourself from being infected with HIV, AIDS, and other sexually-transmitted diseases, you should learn how to practice safe sex. Moreover, people who presently participate in doing the deed with several partners have a greater likelihood of getting infected. It is very crucial that you get you and your partners tested to be able to visit a doctor right away and go through treatment if tested positive.