Hepatitis C is an infection brought about by the Hepatitis C virus. It primarily attacks a person’s liver and causes several complications from it. Once the virus enters a person’s body, no visible symptoms can be seen especially in the early stages of the disease. This might last up to several weeks until the infection has already done too much damage to the liver.

The Symptoms of Hepatitis C

The most common of all symptoms of Hepatitis C is fatigue. A person who has contracted the virus will just feel too exhausted even if he or she has not engaged in very physically demanding tasks.

Other hepatitis C symptoms that you should watch out for are the following:

  • A person who has been infected with hepatitis C will experience discomfort and pains in his or her stomach or abdominal area.
  • He or she will excrete strange-colored bowels, usually something that resembles clay.
  • He or she will have urine that is much darker than usual, often takes the color similar to coffee.
  • He or she will suffer from headaches or migraines.
  • He or she will feel itchy in various parts of the body.
  • He or she will lose weight as a result of appetite loss.
  • His or her skin and eyes will start turning into a yellowish color.
  • He or she will feel muscle pains.
  • He or she will feel nauseated and will tend to vomit.

Testing for Hepatitis C

If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned, you should think about getting a Hepatitis C test. Remember, the disease is contagious so you never know if you are spreading the virus around and infecting more people. Because hepatitis C does not exhibit visible symptoms until the later stage of the disease, it can be a bit hard to diagnose it while it still has not done serious damage to your body.

Those that suspect that they have hepatitis C are encouraged to get tested for hepatitis C at STD clinics and hospitals. They have to submit a sample of their blood in order to find traces of hepatitis C antibodies in there. Blood samples with evidences of Hepatitis C antibodies are Hepatitis C-positive and the person should immediately seek treatment.