How we Treat STD Syphilis

Everyone should do their utmost to look after their sexual health especially if they are going to have numerous partners. It is always good practice to use a condom to protect you from any STDs, and in our modern society, it should be remembered that Girls can carry condoms just as well as the Guys.  If after having unprotected sex you have gone to your local sex clinic to get tested and those tests have come back positive for Syphilis the staff will take you through the next steps that you need to be doing.

The syphilis bacteria are an infection which will not go away unless you have the correct drug treatment to treat it. If left untreated it will cause you some very serious health problems, so if you suspect you may have caught it from having sexual relations with anyone you must go and be tested as soon as possible.

Testing for Syphilis

To diagnose the presence of this infection the test will look for the actual germs which can develop into the bacteria. These tests look at your spinal fluid and the taking of a blood or tissue sample, once they have these they can then use two tests to know if you have the infection or not.

To test for syphilis three samples can be used, spinal fluid, blood or a tissue sample. The actual screening test will be looking for, the presence of antibodies, by using an Enzyme immunoassay test, Treponema pallidum particle agglutination test, Fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption test, and a Darkfield microscopy test. The FTA-ABS test will determine if you have been infected for more than four weeks, whilst the microscopy test can detect syphilis at an early stage.

The need to test early on

It is vitally important for you to go and get yourself tested if you suspect the presence of any STD, and early diagnosis of syphilis will help to restrict damage to your spinal cord, heart or brain due to the virus traveling around your body. The worst-case scenario of never being treated if you do have syphilis can result in death. During your ongoing treatment for syphilis, you will be retested to determine that your treatment is working as it should with the drug regimen.

You will need to inform your treating professional if you suspect or are pregnant as screening needs to be carried out early in the pregnancy, and an update of any medications you are taking even if they are ones which have been prescribed by a pharmacist at the chemist, and if you have any allergies this can then determine you are given the correct drug regimen to treat your syphilis.

By far the best way to ensure that you stay STD-free is to abstain from having sexual relations, using a condom to ensure you are adequately protected or to be in a longstanding relationship where you can both prove that you have been tested and are sexually healthy.