There are many types of sexually-transmitted diseases prevalent today, and they can be caused by varying factors --- bacteria, viruses, parasites, and so on. So, there are different types of treatment solutions available to successfully cure these infections.

Here are the most common treatment plans administered for these types of STDs:

Bacterial STDs

Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis are just three of the most common STDs caused by bacteria. If you test positive for any of these, you have to talk to a doctor to know what the best antibiotic treatment is for you.

Viral STDs

HIV, Hepatitis C, HPV, herpes, and Hepatitis B are examples of STDs caused by viruses. Usually, people are advised to get vaccinated so as to avoid contracting these viruses. But, if you have gotten infected with any of them, you will be prescribed antiretroviral treatment to control and manage the viruses. These viral STDs do not really have a cure, but the treatment can stop or slow down the viruses from replicating itself.

Parasitic STDs

Trichomonas is probably the most common STD caused by parasites. It can be easily treated with antibiotics and anti-parasitic medications.

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