HIV, or the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, could be transmitted to somebody else in several ways. First of all, sexual contact with an HIV positive man or woman can infect you with the ailment. Sharing of contaminated blood and needles is likewise a means for the virus to travel around. A pregnant mother with HIV can pass the infection to her unborn via the placenta, and after giving birth via breastfeeding.

Techniques for testing for HIV

If you think that you have been afflicted with HIV, it is advisable to take a test of HIV instantly. There are many strategies to do that, and all are designed to know if there are HIV antibodies found in your bloodstream.

The rapid HIV test method is matched for folks that have been put through the virus for approximately three months before the test is performed. It can either be an HIV DUO or HIV DNA test. A patient must go to an HIV clinic or other hospital facilities so as to get tested for this. The HIV Antibody technique is conducted to patients that have been subjected to the virus for over three months from the day of examination. The HIV DUO technique is completed to patients that have contracted the virus for longer than one month from the date of examination. The HIV DNA PCR utilizes a patient’s blood sample to detect HIV. It is advisable for people who have been put through the virus over two weeks from the schedule of the test.

The importance of the test

If not treated, HIV may result in the growth and development of the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS, which up to this time has got no treatment. That is exactly why it is rather vital to get a test of HIV anytime the virus is still a newcomer to the body. By doing this, medical professionals can do something about it before it distributes to the other parts. As per figures, the mortality rate of HIV affected individuals is quite high. The kinds of people that are most probably to get affected by it are the folks that participate in various unprotected sexual acts.

To learn more about these HIV tests, you can speak with your doctor so that he or she can help you select which method is most beneficial for you. You can also pay a visit to an STD clinic to know more about the illness.