It is very important to get tested for syphilis at the earliest opportunity so that you can detect the infection right away and get treatment for it before it does some serious harm and damage to your body.

The following are some more examples of syphilis testing methods that you and your doctor can look into if you believe that you have contracted syphilis:

Darkfield microscopy

A sample of tissue or fluid from a chancre (syphilis sore) is taken from the patient and examined under a special type of microscope. This method is suitable for diagnosing syphilis in the early stages.

Fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption (FTA-ABS) test

This testing method looks for the syphilis antibodies present in a patient's spinal fluid or blood sample. It is best done after three or four weeks since initial exposure to the infection to be able to efficiently detect the STD.

Microhemagglutination assay (MHA-TP) test

This test is also a confirmatory method that is conducted after a positive test result is generated from another syphilis testing technique.

Rapid syphilis testing

This is done with the use of a rapid syphilis test kit, which allows convenient, private, safe, accurate, and fast syphilis testing. With the use of a rapid syphilis test kit, one can conduct the test on his or her own, at home and get a highly accurate test result in about 20 minutes.