Because STDs are so widespread nowadays, everyone is urged to be careful and always be vigilant. Here are some tips on how to effectively prevent STDs and protect against these infections.


Vaccines are offered to prevent some viral STDs from infecting you. Today, there are vaccines available for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A, and certain types of HPV.

For Hepatitis B vaccine, it is common to get it while a person is still an infant. It is actually highly encouraged by doctors and if you do not have it yet, visit a health center to find out how you can get vaccinated.


Condoms act as a barrier or shield to prevent the transmission of STDs during a sexual act. While this method of prevention is not 100% effective, it is still able to lower the risks of transmission.

People are advised to learn how to properly wear a condom and use a good quality brand so as to ensure that their STD prevention method will work out fine.

Also, it is imperative that everyone gets an STD test regularly or routinely to detect early on if they have an STD.