STDs, or sexually-transmitted diseases, are very common nowadays. At the moment, there are several millions of men and women that have STDs, and more and more get infected every year. 

Preventing STD infection

If you want to make sure that you do not contract these STDs, you have to be ready to observe and obey some preventative measures. 

- Be proactive in learning more information about STDs --- what causes them, how they are transmitted, how to test them, how to treat them, etc. The more things you know, the better chances you have of steering clear of them.

- Be ready to abstain. Not having sex for a certain period of time is not so bad if that means you are making sure that you are not contracting an STD.

- Try to not have multiple sexual partners. You are more likely to contract STDs if you have several people who you engage in sex with.

- Do not have sex with random people. Casual sex is a very common way to transmit and spread STDs.

- Do not high or drunk before having sex because drugs and alcohol can impair your judgment and can lead you to act recklessly and irresponsibly.

- Be familiar with the most common STD signs and symptoms. Check for them on you or your partner.

- Always use latex condoms when engaging in oral, anal, or vaginal sex.9. Lastly, get tested for STDs routinely.

- Finally, get STD tested on a regular basis.