Do you know what Chlamydia is? It is one of the most prevalent sexually-transmitted diseases nowadays, and it is caused by bacteria that is very easily transmittable from one human being to another via sexual contact. So, those that engage in anal, oral, or vaginal sex with someone who has Chlamydia are at risk of also getting afflicted with the infection.

What are the common signs and symptoms of Chlamydia?

Chlamydia is known as an asymptomatic STD, meaning it does not always trigger signs and symptoms upon first exposure. It will sometimes take a few days or weeks for the indicators to manifest. Once they finally show up, they are usually the following: fever, pain when having sex, pain when urinating, unusual discharge from the penis or vagina, sterility, and pelvic inflammatory disease (women).

How can people avoid getting infected with Chlamydia?

Probably the most effective way to avoid Chlamydia is to not have sex. If that is not possible, then always use protection when having sex. Maintain a monogamous relationship with one partner, and you should routinely undergo STD testing together.

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