Gonorrhea is a sexually-transmitted disease caused by bacteria. It has been one of the most common STDs the past several years, and it continues to afflict uninformed men and women.

Testing for Gonorrhea

To know if you have gonorrhea, it is best to undergo gonorrhea testing.That way, you can get a proper and precise diagnosis.

However, most often than not, gonorrhea does not trigger noticeable signs and symptoms. There have been many cases of undiagnosed gonorrhea over the years because of this, so everyone is strongly urged to just go get a gonorrhea test if they are sexually active.

Signs and symptoms of Gonorrhea

Now, once gonorrhea cause visible signs and symptoms to appear, here are what they are:

- pain when urinating
- itchiness in the anal region
- soreness around the genital region
- painful bowel movement
- white, green, or yellow discharge from the penis or vagina

If you or your partner experience any of these signs, you have to undergo a gonorrhea test right away to get an accurate diagnosis of your condition.

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